Vascular disease is a type of abnormal condition of the blood vessels. The blood vessels (the veins and arteries) are the tubes through which the blood is pumped throughout our body. Arteries carry the oxygen-rich blood from the heart in order to nourish each and every part of the body, including the brain, intestines, kidneys, legs, arms, and the heart itself. These veins carry back the blood to the heart. But the problems along this vast blood vessels network are called the vascular system which may cause severe disability or death.

Vascular diseases are the most common trigger to other coronary heart diseases and heart attack problems; it can also cause the stroke by affecting the arteries in your neck.

Generally, one of the most common forms or type of vascular disease is peripheral arterial disease (or PAD), which occur when the arteries in the legs are affected. It is an estimation that about 9 percent of the population suffer from PADs, which causes painful legs when ulceration, walking, and amputation.


The arteries may become thick and stiff this problem is known as atherosclerosis. The blood clots can block or clog the vessels and in turn block the flow of blood to the heart or the brain. The blood vessels when weakened can burst, causing bleeding inside our body.


The people are more likely to have the vascular disease as they get older.

Long periods of standing or sitting still

Family history of heart or vascular diseases

Illness or injury

Any condition that can affect the heart and blood vessels, such as high cholesterol or diabetes



Losing weight, being active, eating healthy foods, and not smoking can help to prevent the occurrence vascular disease and help us to remain healthy. Other treatments for this disease include medicines and surgeries.

The risk factors for the vascular disease

The exact causes and symptoms of atherosclerosis are unknown, but there are several risk factors that accelerate the formation of the fatty deposits in the arteries:

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