A Simple Explanation

This is usually done with a computerized treadmill unit, which controls the motor speed of the treadmill as well as monitor the ECG.

What is TMT?

TMT or Treadmill Test is done on a patient to assess the heart’s response to external stress in a controlled environment, with a patient is connected to an ECG and blood pressure monitoring. The test is done by inducing the stress either through exercise using the treadmill or by drug stimulation.

The patient has to be fasting to undergo the test. The test is conducted on an empty stomach because after food consumption, then the digestion will increase the cardiac activity and thus interfere with the assessment.

If the test is for diagnostic purposes then the patient should not take medications. But if the test is conducted to assess the effort tolerance while the patient is on treatment, then medications can be taken.

The Purpose

This test is recommended for patients with medium risk of coronary heart disease. The risk factors usually include family history of coronary artery stenosis, smoking, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

This exercise stress test is a used frequently now to assess the chances and extent of the heart disease and gauge the effects of the treatment.

The Test Stages


  • A physical examination of the patient is performed.
  • The patient’s complete medical history is noted. Patient must inform the doctor of any previous ailments and any medications that are presently being taken for them.
  • If the patient has any symptoms like chest pain, breathing problems etc., please inform the doctor.
  • On the day of the test:
    • Avoid eating, drinking and also smoking, at least for a couple of hours before the test.
    • Stop taking medications, if the doctor advises.
    • Take note and report any chest pains or any other complications.

During the Test

  • The patient will be hooked up to the ECG machine using several sticky nodes/pads, which are attached to the skin.
  • The patient’s Heart rate and Blood Pressure are noted.
  • The doctor may test your lungs’ strength by telling the patient to breathe through a tube.
  • The patient will start the test by walking slowly. The speed and the difficulty level (slope’s steepness) will be increased steadily.
  • The doctor will conclude the test when satisfied with the results.

Note: The patient must inform the doctor of any difficulties, like chest pains or breathing problems.


  • The patient is rested and plenty of water is provided.
  • The patient’s blood pressure is monitored for sometime.
  • If the tests determine coronary heart disease or any other heart problems, the doctor will suggest the required treatment.

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