An overview

Stroke is identified as a major health concern in India. It is one of the major reasons for death in India and a medical emergency similar to heart attack. Immediate treatment can reduce the complications associated with stroke and a delay in getting medical help can result in the permanent damage of the cells and result in death.

Understanding stroke

Stroke is basically a ‘brain attack.’ It is a major disease affecting the blood vessels leading to and within the brain. Stroke suddenly occurs when a blood vessel carrying nutrients and oxygen to the brain is interrupted, blocked or ruptures. The brain cells get damaged within a short time leading to paralysis or even death.

Speech difficulty

Difficulty in speech is one of the major symptoms you get at the onset of a stroke. Many people recall that they have experienced difficulty in speech as an initial sign of stroke. Trouble may be faced in understanding, producing and speaking sounds or words. Speech may come out as blurred or just sounds that can be unrecognizable. Suddenly the person will experience difficulty to understand or respond to what is being told.

Speech difficulty occurs due to the weakness in the muscles of the mouth that control the speech on one side of the face.

Difficulty in speech can continue for few days more, and can be normal within a few weeks of treatment. Some people find it difficult to get back to normal speech even after treatment and may experience issues in regulating the volume and speed of the talk. In rare cases, the language area of the brain may get affected and patient may have ongoing problems in usage of language.

Speech impediments can be of different types namely aphasia, dysarthia, apraxia, aphasia etc.

Other signs of stroke

Knowing the symptoms of stroke can help you get medical help without delay and thereby save your life. The signs of stroke may show up suddenly. Symptoms of stroke include:

  • Trouble in walking
  • Face drooping 
  • Blurred speech
  • Weakness or numbness of the arms, legs, hands etc.
  • Trouble in sight of one eye
  • Intense headache
  • Inability to understand speech 
  • Loss of coordination and balance

Risk factors
There are certain factors that increase the risk of getting stroke. You need to be more careful if you have:

  • Age above 55 years
  • Family history of stroke
  • History of heart attack
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • High consumption of alcohol
  • Smoking and passive smoking
  • Usage of certain drugs
  • Physical inactivity 
  • Sleep apnea
  • Cardiovascular diseases 

Get medical attention
As mentioned earlier, once the patient shows the symptoms of stroke, the immediate goal is to get medical attention. Each minute counts and stroke is a medical emergency that needs sudden treatment. If proper treatment is given immediately, the chances of recovery from the complications of stroke will be higher.

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