Heart diseases are difficult enough to control when they strike the adults and there is still no specific way to control and fully cure them for the person who suffering from it. But the heart diseases or the cardiovascular diseases and conditions can be especially tragic when they happen to the children. As the nervous system and body of still growing children and young kids are very weak and have not been developed fully to fight and endure these attacks.

Just like adults, there are many different types of heart problems that can affect and can be widely seen in the children’s. They include viral infections that affect the heart, congenital heart defects, and even heart disease that are acquired and develop later in childhood due to genetic syndromes or illnesses.

The good part in all this is that with an effective and good advance in the field of medicine and technology, many children with heart disease can go on to live active and full lives without many complications if taken care of at the right time.

There are different types of cardiovascular conditions as included:


Cardiomyopathy is a chronic disease wherein the heart muscle becomes inflamed and doesn't perform as well as it should.


Some arrhythmias or the irregular heartbeats may need treatment sometimes many do not. Read about your child’s specific type and find a suitable checklist for parents.

Congenital Heart Defects

If the child is born with a heart defect, then the chances are better that the problem can be overcome and they can lead a normal adult life.


Rise in the cholesterol levels in the early stage of life may play an important role in the development of atherosclerosis (i.e. fatty plaque in arteries) in adulthood.

Heart Failure

Sometimes in few cases, the heart of a child may not function properly. So it is important to recognize how it is to be diagnosed, treated, and even cured in younger children.

22q11.2 Deletion Disorders

This is also called as DiGeorge Syndrome and Velocardiofacial Syndrome. A high number of children with the disorder in the genetic immune system are born to have heart defects.

High Blood Pressure

HBP is not just a commonly occurring disease in adults but the teens, children and even babies can have it. Treating it can be as simple as helping your child develops heart-healthy habits.

Heart Murmurs

The heart murmurs are the abnormal sounds occurring in the heart caused due to holes in the heart walls or defective heart valves. These murmurs are common in children also and can be quite harmless.


This childhood illness may result in life-long heart complications. Knowing the symptoms, diagnosis, and the treatment of Kawasaki disease can be quite useful.


Stroke in infants and children presents challenges to parents. Find different resources and read personal stories of young stroke survivors can be helpful.

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