Cardiac rehabilitations (rehab) is a medically supervise program that helps to improve the health and well-being of the people who have heart problems.

Rehab program include exercise, training, education on heart healthy livings and counseling to reduce stresses and help us return to an active life.

Cardiac rehab may help us:

Recover after a heart attack or heart surgeries.

Prevent future hospital stay, heart problem, and death related to a heart problem.

Address risk factor that can lead to coronary heart diseases and other heart problem. These risk factors include high blood pressure, an increase in blood cholesterol, overweight or obesity, diabetes, smoking, depression, lack of physical activity, and other emotional health concern.

Adopting healthy lifestyle changes. These changes can include following a heart healthy diets, being physically active and learning to manage stress.

Improving our health and quality of life.

The cardiac rehab programs should be designed to meet our needs.

Process of Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehab does not change our past, but it can help us improve our heart’s future. It is a medically supervise program design to help improve our cardiovascular health if we have experienced a heart attack, heart failure,angioplasty or heart surgery. Thinking of cardiac rehab as three equally important parts are necessary:

1. Exercise counseling and training: Exercise gets our heart pumping and our entire cardiovascular system working. You will learn how to get our body moving in ways that promote heart health.

2. Education for healthy living: Managing our risk factors, choosing good nutrition, quitting smoking and education about heart-healthy living is a key element of cardiac rehab.

3. Counseling to reduce stresses: Stress hurts our heart. This part of rehab helps us identify and tackles the everyday sources of stress.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team works

Cardiac rehab involves a long-term commitment from the patient and a team of health care providers.

The cardiac rehab team can include doctors (such as a family doctor, a heart specialist, and a surgeon), nurses, exercise specialist, physical and occupational therapist, dietitian or nutritionists, and psychologists or other mental health specialists. Sometimes a case manager will help track our care.

Working in the team is an important part of cardiac rehab. You should share question and concern with the team. This will help us reach our goals.

We do not need to face heart disease alone. Cardiac rehab is generally a team effort. It is a medically-supervised program in which we partner with our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, plus family and friends, to take charge of the choices, lifestyle, and habit that affect our heart.

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